Growing our own (GOO) Program

Catholic Education Northern Territory has been operating the Growing Our Own program since 2009. 

Four in-service students graduated in 2010, having upgraded their qualifications to the Bachelor of Teaching and Learning requirement.  Eleven students graduated in 2011, having completed a full Bachelor of Teaching and Learning.  A second cohort of fifteen pre-service students at the three sites of Wurrumiyanga, Wadeye and Santa Teresa, commenced the program in 2011.

The key characteristics of Growing Our Own are:

  • Growing Our Own participants must be employed in the participating schools as operational staff within classrooms as the learning framework of the Bachelor of Teaching and Learning requires on-going and constant enunciation of the learning’s within the practicum of the classroom.
  • Participating students are identified by school communities and individual students lodge applications with the Director of Catholic Education.  The engagement and commitment of the community in the process is essential.  Charles Darwin University (the contracted service delivery provider of the Bachelor of Teaching and Learning) assess identified students for suitability and capacity to complete academic requirements.
  • Students are either in-service, upgrading qualifications generally from three year to four year degrees, or pre-service, commencing the Bachelor of Teaching and Learning from scratch.
  • Lectures are delivered on-site for the full academic year.  If necessary, students undertake a modified Tertiary Preparation Course prior to commencing the Bachelor studies.
  • Students are placed for teaching practicum throughout the course within schools outside of the student’s home communities and generally in larger urban schools.
  • Each participating school must make the following commitments prior to the nomination of potential students:
    • A Coordinator is appointed to oversight the program in each school
    • Mentors, from existing teaching staff, are appointed for each participating student
    • Facilities, including a study room for lectures, tutorials, self-paced study and administration, and lap-tops and any necessary study materials are committed to.
    • Each site should have a minimum of five students.
    • Achieve community engagement in the planning, operation and celebration associated with the program
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Growing Our Own in 2012

Catholic Education Northern Territory currently has four students participating in each of the three sites of Wurrumiyanga, Wadeye and Santa Teresa.  There is interest from two students at St Josephs Catholic College in Katherine and two to three students from St Francis Xavier Catholic School at Daly River.

Catholic Education Northern Territory is expanding the Growing Our Own program in 2012 to include:

  • The two new sites of Daly River and Katherine
  • The student cohorts at the three existing sites of Wurrumiyanga, Wadeye and Santa Teresa be increased to at least five and potentially seven