The school day begins with a short prayer circle in the new Cultural Centre.  Prayer is said in language followed by the sign of the Cross.  Teachers and their individual classes may also elect to include a traditional Catholic prayer or prayer of thanksgiving to accommodate special needs or Catholic Days of Obligation. 

Every second Friday a whole school Mass held in the Church of Saint Francis Xavier and presided over by our resident Priest, Father Jim.  A whole school Liturgy takes place on alternate Fridays.  During “Sorry time” Father Jim may choose to hold a single decade of the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary and invite families to participate with the students as an alternative to the usual liturgy.

Religious Education is a compulsory subject and is taught in half hour blocks, four days a week.  Children are instructed in the Catholic tradition and the focus is on the Catholic calendar and the teachings and practices of Christ.  The role of the church in our lives is re-enforced by regular Mass attendance as already stated.  Religious instruction also centres on the teaching and implementation of the sacraments and the sacramental practices of the Catholic Church.

Each morning, Monday through to Thursday, begins with 1.5 hours of compulsory Accelerated Literacy.  Accelerated literacy texts are age appropriate and context relevant to each class level.  Each term, teachers choose a grammar focus and a reading and writing focus within the Accelerated Literacy programme aimed to improve reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.  The scope and sequencing of the literacy programme ensures that students are developing their literacy skills in such a way as to be continually progressing with the long term aim of becoming fluent mainstream English students.  English as a Second Language (ESL) testing and reporting is ongoing with semester reports reflecting student ability and progress in this subject as second language learners (ESL).

Numeracy also has a dominant focus in the curriculum at Daly River.  As with Accelerated Literacy, numeracy is also a compulsory unit and is taught in a one hour block each day, Monday through to Thursday.  Programmes such as “Count me in too”, “Study Ladder” and “NZ maths” are use across the curriculum. As of 2012, the National Australian Curriculum framework (ACARA) has informed our Maths programme at SFX.  Programmes are still being developed to sit within this framework and by 2013; all maths will be taught in accordance with this directive. Until then, the NTCF band levels continue to be used for reporting.

In 2012 every middle-school student was issued with their own laptop.  Middle school students often “buddy up” with other grades and use “study ladder” programs to extend their knowledge tutoring and supporting younger students through these computer driven sessions. This enables the older students to utilize information technology skills by engaging their younger “buddies” who, at the same time are learning to use computers for educational purposes.  

An integrated program of SOSE and Science is in place with ART, Physical Education and Health also being included throughout each term. This curriculum is developed from the Remote Curriculum Packs which link soundly into the Northern Territory Curriculum Framework (NTCF) and the Australian National Curriculum (ACARA), making it relevant and age appropriate for all student.  It also gives them every opportunity to explore new ideas that embrace the appropriate cultural strands which support diversity whilst being inclusive.

Our curriculum is negotiated and implemented through close consultation with the community, Catholic Education and the National Australian Curriculum.  It is inclusive, culturally-driven and implements differential practices in its delivery guaranteeing all students receive a fair, relevant and holistic education.

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