What's going on in class?

Transition/Year 1 Class: 5-7 years

Teachers hold a strong belief in educational equality for Indigenous people. It is this that has led them to work in Nauiyu, Daly River, and dedicate themselves to creating a fun and respectful learning environment in her classroom.

Teacher centered classroom activities in term 1 around the theme ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’. For example, the class worked with ‘bear cards’, which allowed the students to explore the uses and contexts of different emotions. She is basing term 2’s classroom activities on the theme ‘outer space’.

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Year 2/3 class

Term 1 saw class 2/3 focussing on the book ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’. This book gave the class the opportunity to explore drama and acting through their performance of the book as a play. They looked at the role and work of a shoe-maker, and participated in shoe-making as an activity.

In term 2, class 2/3 focused on themes around the book titled ‘The Deep’. Water as a theme has been primarily looked at: where it comes from, how we use it, how plants use it, how to save water, and water as a solid form. Sea animals and animals that live in deep parts of the sea have also been explored.

Hella is the teacher and Therese is the Assistant Teacher of class 2/3. They strive for a fun, happy and challenging learning experience for their students where they learn the necessary skills for further achievement in life.

Hella has Graduated from CDU at the end of 2010 with a Graduate Diploma in Primary Teaching, while Therese is currently involved in the schools ‘Growing Our Own’ (GOO) Program, as well as assisting in the classroom.

Senior class: Grade 4-6

In term 1, the senior class grade 4-6 have focussed on the text From Little Things Big Things Grow by Kev Carmody and Paul Kelly. They have learnt about social justice, and the history of Aboriginal Land Rights in Australia. The students have studied what it means to be a strong, proud Aboriginal person and the importance of speaking up if something's not right. The students have thoroughly enjoyed studying this book and the themes it provides.

 Term 2 sees grade 4-6 welcomed a new teacher, 

In term 2, Pilawuk is focused on developing relationships and expectation with students, and is highly passionate about maintaining Aboriginal languages and identities, and instilling a sense of respect for self and others. She feels that knowing who you are, and one’s own cultural identity, as well as a positive relationship between teacher and student, are the core, or basis, of all other learning. Pilawuk endeavours to provide an environment that is strong in its guidelines, is clear in its expectations, and follows through with positive intentions.


– Preschool Teacher and Primary School Arts Teacher

 – Assistant Teacher

As well as being the preschool teacher, Elise also teaches the arts across the entire school. Preschool utilises a play based program and an engaging learning environment to promote preschooler choice and develop autonomy. Preschoolers love pretend play, going on bush trips, storytelling and solving problems for themselves. All of the Preschoolers especially love their swimming lessons. Elise and Kathy aim for Preschoolers to become happy and resilient learners with a strong sense of identity and skills that take them into Transition and beyond. 

Elise also teaches the arts across the school. In term one the secondary class learned ‘Landscape Photography’ and put their skills to use around the bush lands and billabongs of the Daly River region. This term the school will be focused on the Arts and crafts for the Merrepen Arts and Sports festival, where the school holds an annual art fundraising stall.

Elise graduated from a Graduate Diploma in Primary Teaching and Learning from CDU in 2010, and has a background in Social Inquiry.