Principal's profile

Our school is built on a model of supporting our students, teachers and families. We believe that if we have expectations of excellence, then people need to be supported with the best of resources and available time to do the best job that they can.

Supporting our students and families

From the moment we welcome your family into the Daly River community, we are supporting you as your child develops, grows and matures in their learning. Our teaching and learning approach ensures your child learns in the best way possible for them, rather than expecting them to conform to a one-size fits all approach.

Our approach to support extends to children who may need extra assistance. We have learned that removing them for extra help or special work has some disadvantages – so we bring teams into a classroom situation to help children in the environment in which they are comfortable.

Supporting our teachers

We support our teachers with the best classroom setup possible. We have established the architecture of the class to provide the best learning environment.

We promote a contemporary approach to pedagogy which gives them the right training and support to develop their teaching skills further … and to always seek excellence through improvement.

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