About us

Saint Francis Xavier School at Daly River is a vibrant Catholic school for the Indigenous Community at Nauiyu on the Daly River, 250 kilometers southwest of Darwin in the Northern Territory. 

Literacy, numeracy and Religious Education sit at the foreground of an inclusive educational curriculum at our school. It is acknowledged that Indigenous Culture is the driving force within the Community and in the lives of our students so in order to implement everyday literacy and numeracy skills, Effective lifelong education supports and is integrated into all areas of the curriculum.

The school offers a varied curriculum drawn from the NTCF and AC. The teachers plan with the Curriculum Coordinator each week for all curriculum areas and the school utilises programs such as Count Me In Too, Quick Smart and Accelerated Literacy to maximise learning and to build self confidence in all areas of school life.

The preschool is part of the Strong Foundations Program which is aimed at literacy for early years' students. Saint Francis Xavier values academic, spiritual and physical education for all students to enable them to lead an active life as responsible community members. The vision at St Francis Xavier is 'Respectful, Responsible, Ready - A Stronger Future for All'.


We value our students

St Francis Xavier Indigenous Catholic Community School proudly offers opportunities which help each child to develop emotionally, spiritually, socially, physically and cognitively. We do this through our varied and interesting curriculum, our deep devotion to our students and our desire for the whole student’s development as lifelong learners.

At St Francis Xavier we believe that each child is a precious gift from God, created as an individual with special gifts, talents and abilities. We try to cater for the individual needs of the students with EAPs in place for the students with Special Needs and a deep understanding of each child in our school.

We celebrate the Gospel Values through our knowledge and understanding that we live in a culture rich in diversity and spirituality. We share our stories of past, present and create a new story for the future to embed in the students a belief in their self worth and cultural identity.

We strive to have a two way approach to education enabling the students to understand both Indigenous and mainstream ways of learning. Our cultural program allows for the local community to be involved in the school with a deep appreciation for the knowledge they bring to the students.